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The Throwable class provides the following commonly used methods.

String getMessage (): It returns the description of the exception. It includes fully qualified name of the Exception class and a brief description of the exception.

•  void printStackTrace(): Prints the Throwable object and its stack trace information on the console.

String toString (): It returns the String object containing a description of the exception. This description includes the full name of the Exception class followed by comma and a space and the string returned from the getMessage () method.

StackTraceElement [] getStackTrace(): It returns an array that contains the stack trace, one element at a time as an array of stack trace elements. The method at the top of the stack is the last method called before the exception was thrown.

void printStackTrace (PrintStream s): This is same as printStackTrace () method except that you specify the output stream as an argument.

Throwable fillInStackTrace (): It returns a Throwable object that contains a completed stack trace. This object can be rethrown.

The following program demonstrates the use of Throwable methods to display exception information when an exception is thrown.

public class ThrowableMethods

       static void A()
         int x = 12 ;
         int y = 0 ;
         int z = x/y;
       public static void main(String[] args)
             catch(ArithmeticException e)
                    System.out.println("Displaying stack trace information...");
                    System.out.println("\nDescription of the exception : "+e.getMessage());
                    System.out.println("\nString containong Description of the exception");

Throwable Class Example in Java

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