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Identifiers :- The Identifiers are those which are used for giving a name to a variable  ,class and method ,packages ,interfaces etc There Are Some Rules against for using the Identifiers


  • Name of Identifier not be a Keyword
  • Must be Start from Alphabet not from digit
  • Uppercase and Lowercase are Different
  • Can be any length


Literals :- Literals are Sequence of Characters like Digits ,alphabets ,letters those are used for Representing the Value of the Variable  Like Integer Literals, String Literals, Float Literals


Operator:- operators are the Special Symbols those have  specific functions associated with them for Performing the operations it needs some Operands


        Operands are those on which operations are performed by the Operators

        Like  2 +3

        In this + is the Operator and 2 and 3 Operands.


Separators :- These are Special Symbols used to Indicate the group of code that is either be divided or arrange into the Block The Separators includes Parentheses, Open Curly braces  Comma, Semicolon, or either it will  be period or dot Operator


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