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Structure of MIS may be understood by looking at the physical components of the information system in an organization. The physical components of an organizational information system may be hardware, software, database, manual procedures and operating persons. A brief description of these components has been outlined in the following paragraphs: 


Hardware refers to the physical data processing equipment and peripheral devices, For example, CPU, monitor, keyboard, printer, drives, tapes, communication devices, etc.


Software is a broad term given to the instructions or programs that direct the operating of the hardware. Software could be of two types, i.e. system software and application software.


The database consists of all data utilized by application software. Data is stored in files.


Formal operating procedures, which are required to operate a system, such as manuals, are also regarded as physical elements.

Operating Personnel

Personnel like Computer Operators, Computer Programmers, System Analysts, System Managers, etc., are the operating people of the information systems.

Input and Output Various physical inputs and outputs from the information system, existing in forms like printout, reports etc.

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