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by Dinesh Thakur

A computer cannot store characters or integers. Computer can store information in the form of bits and bytes. The bit is a basic unit of information in computer. A bit can only have two values: yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0.

by Dinesh Thakur

After Creating a website/blog, Google might need some help to find you. A blog sitemap (Sitemap is an xml file, which contains blog URLs,) is exactly as it sounds ... a map of your blog/website. you can see Wiki article for more detail about Sitemap. To be able to submit your website sitemap to GWT (Google webmaster tools) means submitting your site to Google.

by Dinesh Thakur

Just like Update Plugin, WordPress theme is also need of update. This update can be due to a more limited repair or update previous version. Here is the tutorial.

by Dinesh Thakur

Update and Delete Plugin in wordpress is very simple and straightforward process. In this tutorial, we will show you how to update and remove wordpress plugins. Following is the steps to delete Wordpress plugin.

by Dinesh Thakur

Image Media is a media library in which there are entire content in the form of pictures, video and other media files that you've uploaded previously, be it when making a post or pages.
In addition you can also upload content via the media. Here are the steps.

by Dinesh Thakur

Post is the activity of writing or creating an article that will be published and seen by everyone who accesses the page of your WordPress website.

by Dinesh Thakur

Besides being able to install WordPress via cPanel, other alternative you can also install WordPress via FTP. However, manual installation has a few added steps, and you will need an FTP client software for that.

by Dinesh Thakur

       Buy a Domain and Hosting

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to buy hosting and domain, it would be better if each of us first understand what is meant by Domain and Hosting.

by Dinesh Thakur

     How To Create SEO Friendly Images

If you are analyze traffic sources you may have noticed that a percentage of organic visits come from images. on-page SEO for images on your blogs can generate huge amounts of traffic from search engines. The image alt tag is responsible for transcribing the content for search engines. Therefore, it is important to learn how to optimize your images for search engines.

by Dinesh Thakur

       Settings After Installing WordPress

Install WordPress is one of the first steps to create a Website. I'll share with you a list of essential WordPress settings for beginner that you need to follow after installing WordPress on your hosting. They are very basic but necessary adjustments and you must perform properly to substantially improve your blog.

by Dinesh Thakur

     Different Ways To Install WordPress Plugin


WordPress is a flexible and powerful platform, one of the great advantages of WordPress is the large number of plugins available free on its website, and they expand their features and functionality to your application. Virtually anything you need to do with WordPress that does not bring it as standard can do it by simply by installing a plugin. Generally, Installing WordPress plugins from the WordPress Dashboard is one such thing that every Blogger who works with WordPress should know. Install WordPress plugins can be done in three different ways on your blog:


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Dinesh ThakurDinesh Thakur holds an B.SC (Computer Science), MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA, CCNP, A+, SCJP certifications. Dinesh authors the hugely popular Computer Notes blog. Where he writes how-to guides around Computer fundamental , computer software, Computer programming, and web apps. For any type of query or something that you think is missing, please feel free to contact us.

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