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by Dinesh Thakur

"AirDrop" is a very handy feature and easy to use for wireless file transfer between Mac, even outside the context of a home network. AirDrop arrived on the iPad and iPhone with iOS 7 and on Mac with Mac OS X Lion. Indeed not need a router or even connect to an existing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network to use "AirDrop". There is nothing to set up, all you need is a recent Mac ("AirDrop" indeed requires a recent Mac to be activated) and communication will be made directly between Wi-Fi cards Mac (ad-hoc mode).

by Dinesh Thakur

Android is an operating system of mobile Just like Symbain is owned by Nokia and it comes is Only Nokia Handsets. Android is a Software Combinational Kit for mobile devices in the software stack include an operating system, middleware and applications.

Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system. Android is the Google operating System because Google is actively developing the Android platform BUT is a free License Operating System that powers almost all the Super Smart phones today. Android Phone is embedded with a rich set of core applications that’s including an SMS program, email client, maps, browser, contacts, calendar and others.

by Dinesh Thakur

A computer virus is a computer program or code that can replicate itself and spread from one computer system to another system. A computer virus has the capacity to corrupt or to delete data on your computer and it can utilize an e-mail program to spread the virus to other computer systems. In the worst case scenario, it can even delete everything on your hard disk. The purpose of it to disrupt the operation of the computer or the program.

In the same way as viruses harm peoples' bodies, computer viruses can do considerable damage to computer systems. Viruses are infections. Computer infections can come in several forms and your computer can "catch" one in several ways:

• An email virus is one type. An email virus can travel through attachments in email messages and can automatically replicate itself by mailing itself to dozens or even hundreds of people on your list of contacts found in your online address book. There are email viruses which don’t need to be double-clicked in order to install themselves as they can launch while you are simply viewing the message.