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Update and Delete Plugin in wordpress is very simple and straightforward process. In this tutorial, we will show you how to update and remove wordpress plugins. Following is the steps to delete Wordpress plugin.

1. To determine whether a plug-in requires the latest version update, the way is very simple. You can see it on the dashboard left hand side menu WordPress plugin. If the listed numbers in there, for example as shown, then there is a plugin that requires an update. This figure adjust the amount of plugins that need to be updated. You can see an example below.

       plugin that requires an update

2. If you find any such notification for updates of plugins in WordPress, immediately go to your WordPress admin panel and then select Plugins ยป Installed Plugins. After that, click Update Now on the plugin you want to update. 

       Update Now on the plugin

3. Wait until the update process is complete. Then notification will appear as shown below.

       update process is complete

4. Deleting any plugins are very simple and easy process. Make sure you're still on Plugins Installed page, then search plugin that you want to delete and select Delete.

      How to Update and Delete Plugin in wordpress

5. Select Yes, Delete Reviews These plugin files and deleted successfully.

      How to Update and Delete Plugin in wordpress

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