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How To Create SEO Friendly Images

If you are analyze traffic sources you may have noticed that a percentage of organic visits come from images. on-page SEO for images on your blogs can generate huge amounts of traffic from search engines. The image alt tag is responsible for transcribing the content for search engines. Therefore, it is important to learn how to optimize your images for search engines.

How to add Alt tag to WordPress images:

•  Add Alt Text to Images

WordPress allows you to manually adding an image alt text and image title to your blog post. while you upload an image, you get an option to add alt text and image title.

      SEO friendly images Setting

Conversely, if you are using HTML, you can add the alt text and image title in the image code, this would be an example with the same photo as the above in html:

<a href=””><img style=”border: 0px solid ; width: 602px; height: 410px;” alt = "Computer" title=”computer” >

If you want to add an alt text and image title to your existing site old images, then it’s not idle situation. we have a SEO friendly images free WordPress plugin which automatically updates ALT and TITLE attributes of all images.

      SEO friendly images

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• Use Relative File Name

Apart from adding image alt tag is responsible for transcribing the content for search engines, To Create SEO Friendly Image, filename is the first location to use main keyword related to your topic. it is the another way to achieve the goal.

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