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There are Many Functions those are Performed by the Operating System But the Main Goal of Operating System is to Provide the Interface between the user and the hardware Means Provides the Interface for Working on the System by the user. The various Functions those are Performed by the Operating System are as Explained below:-

Operating System as a Resource Manager 

Operating System Also Known as the Resource Manager Means Operating System will Manages all the Resources those are Attached to the System means all the Resource like Memory and Processor and all the Input output Devices those are Attached to the System are Known as the Resources of the Computer System and the Operating system will Manage all the Resources of the System. The Operating System will identify at which Time the CPU will perform which Operation and in which Time the Memory is used by which Programs. And which Input Device will respond to which Request of the user means When the Input and Output Devices are used by the which Programs. So this will manage all the Resources those are attached to the Computer System.

Storage Management

Operating System also Controls the all the Storage Operations means how the data or files will be Stored into the computers and how the Files will be Accessed by the users etc. All the Operations those are Responsible for Storing and Accessing the Files is determined by the Operating System Operating System also Allows us Creation of Files, Creation of Directories and Reading and Writing the data of Files and Directories and also Copy the contents of the Files and the Directories from One Place to Another Place. 

1) Process Management : The Operating System also Treats the Process Management means all the Processes those are given by the user or the Process those are System ‘s own Process are Handled by the Operating System . The Operating System will Create the Priorities foe the user and also Start or Stops the Execution of the Process and Also Makes the Child Process after dividing the Large Processes into the Small Processes.

2) Memory Management: Operating System also Manages the Memory of the Computer System means Provide the Memory to the Process and Also Deallocate the Memory from the Process. And also defines that if a Process gets completed then this will deallocate the Memory from the Processes.

3) Extended Machine: Operating System also behaves like an Extended Machine means Operating system also Provides us Sharing of Files between Multiple Users, also Provides Some Graphical Environments and also Provides Various Languages for Communications and also Provides Many Complex Operations like using Many Hardware’s and Software’s. 

4) Mastermind: Operating System also performs Many Functions and for those Reasons we can say that Operating System is a Mastermind. It provides Booting without an Operating System and Provides Facility to increase the Logical Memory of the Computer System by using the Physical Memory of the Computer System and also provides various Types of Formats Like NTFS and FAT File Systems.

Operating System also controls the Errors those have been Occurred into the Program and Also Provides Recovery of the System when the System gets Damaged Means When due to Some Hardware Failure , if System Doesn’t Works properly then this Recover the System and also Correct the System and also Provides us the Backup Facility. And Operating System also breaks the large program into the Smaller Programs those are also called as the threads. And execute those threads one by one.

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