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We Know that java provides us the facility for both creating CUI and GUI Programs All the Previous Topics are Related with the CUI But Applets Provides the ability to user for creating Graphical Programs Like Creating Buttons, Creating Events such that Executing the Code when a user Clicks on Button Etc. There are two type of Applets Like Stand Alone or either Local Applets.

The Applets those are Created on Client Machine are Called as Local Applets and the Applets Those are located at Remote Computer but we are using them then they are Called as Remote Applets . Applets are used for creating Graphical Programs 


Life Cycle of Java or various Methods of Applets :-


  1. Born or Init () :- This method is executed when an Applets First Time Execute in Memory and when Applet is created or when an Applet Born The Initiate Method is used for Placing the Code that a user wants to First Executed or when Applets are Seen by the User When Applets are Born then they First Execute the Code that placed in the initiated Method
  1. Start():- Placing Code when Applets Started but Remember An Applets First initialized  into the Memory of Computer by using the init Method and then this will Started
  1. Stop:- When Applet Executes his Entire Code  or when he is waiting for Some Input output Operations by the user
  1. Destroy()  This Method is gets Executed at the End When an Applet Executed Completely when a user Clicks on Close Button of Applet Window then Destroy Method of Applet will be Executed

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