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Many Times a  Program has to face some errors An Error is an Situation when a Compiler either doesn’t Execute  statements or either Compiler will Produce Wrong Result .Various types of Errors are there like :-


1)Syntax Error or Compile Time Error:- The Compile Time Error or Syntaxare denoted by compiler  at the time of compilation The Compile Time Errors include Missing Semicolon, missing parenthesis , used undefined variable etc These are all Compile Time Errors


2)Run Time Error:- Run Time Errors are Caught by Interpreter or at the time of Execution when we Execute out Program the Error is Encountered Run Time Error includes operations those are not possible but a user trying to do them .At that Situation error may occurred Like Divide a Number by zero, Accessing Element of Array Which Doesn’t Exist Trying to Open a File that doesn’t Exists. All these are Examples of Run Time Errors.


3)Logical Error:- These types of Error doesn’t halt or Stops the Execution of Java Program but they produce wrong Results But there is no any syntax missing or either any Operation which is not possible but his type of Error is occurred when these is some mistake in logic of user Like he wants to Multiply two Numbers and he puts Addition Mark instead of Multiplication then it is called as Logical Error.

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