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Visual Basic convert your project to machine language, it finds any compile errors. You get compile errors when you break the syntax rules of Basic and sometimes when use an illegal object or property.

 For example, try spelling End as end or using the world Quit instead of End. The compiler can only translate the seat spelling of the world and cannot recognize either of these words both cause the compile time error message box.


You also receive compile error if you accidentally use the wrong punctuation or place the punctuation in the wrong place. The compiler cannot understand lblMessage,Caption or lblMessage.Caption;


The editor might find compile errors as you move of offending line. Or the compile error may not be found until you try to run the project. Before Visual Basic can actually run your project, it attempts compile the code into machine language. If VB finds compile errors, it displays Code window, highlights the offending line, and enters break time.  After you have corrected your compile errors, you can click on run button to continue the compilation and running project.


If your project halts during execution, that’s a run-time error. Visual Basic displays a dialog box, goes into break time, and highlights the statement causing.


The statement that cannot be executed correctly cause run-time errors. The statements are correctly formed Basic statement fail to execute.


Run time error can be caused by attempting to do impossible  arithmetic operation such as calculate with non-numeric data, divide by zero, or find the square root of negative number.


With logical errors your projects runs but produces incorrect results. Perhaps the result of a calculation are incorrect or the wrong text is OK but appears in wrong location.


If the project runs, it must be right-right? All too often, that statement is not correct. You may need to use calculator to check the output. Check all aspects of the project.


For example, the you want to print hello world but you are giving some incorrect message at the wrong place it will not give out put as you expected and it causes the logical error to solve these kinds of errors you must check the code carefully.


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