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Visual Basic is not only a language. It’s an Integrated Development Environment in which you can develop, run, test and debug your applications.

 The types of project that you can create in Visual Basic are as follows :


(i) Standard EXE : These are the typical applications that you develop with previous versions of Visual Basic.

(ii) ActiveX EXE, ActiveX DLL : These types of projects are available with the Professional edition. ActiveX components are OLE automation servers.

(iii) ActiveX Control : This type of project is also a feature of the Professional edition. We use it to develop your own ActiveX controls.

(iv) ActiveX Document EXE, ActiveX Document DLL : ActiveX documents are in essence Visual Basic applications that can run in the environment of the container that supports hyper-linking.

(v) VB Application Wizard, VB Wizard Manager : The Application Wizard takes you through the steps of setting up the skeleton of a new application. The Wizard Manager lets you build your own wizard.

(vi) Data Project : It’s identical to the Standard EXE project type, but it automatically adds the controls that are used in accessing databases to the Toolbox.

(vii) DHTML Application : VB6 allows you to build Dynamic HTML pages that can be displayed in the browser’s window on a client computer.

(viii) IIS Application : VB6 allows you to build applications that run on the Web server and interact with clients over the Internet with the Internet Information Server.

(ix) Addin : You can create your own add-ins for the VB IDE. These are special commands you can add to Visual Basic’s menus.

(x) VB Enterprise Edition Controls : It simply creates a new Standard EXE project and loads all the tools of the Enterprise Edition of Visual Basic.

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