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To write a Visual Basic project you follow the three step process for creating the project and then repeat the project for creating the project. The three step involves setting up user interface, defining the properties, and creating code.

 The Three-Step Process as follows:


Design the user interface: When you plan the user interface, you draw a sketch of screens the user will see when running your project. On your sketch, show the forms and all the controls that you plan to see. Indicate the name that you planed to give the form and each of objects on the form.

Plan the properties: For each object, write down properties that you plan to set or change during the design of the form.

Plan the basic code: This step is where you plan procedures that will execute when your project runs. You will determine which events require action to be taken and then make a step-by-step plan for those actions


After you have completed the planning steps and have agreement form your user, you are ready to begin the actual construction of the project. You will use the same three steps process that you used for planning.

Define the user interface: When you define the user interface, you create the forms and controls that you designed in planning stage.

Set the properties: When you set the properties of objects, you give each object name and define such attributes as the contents of the label, the size of text, and the words that appear on the top of command button and in the form’s title bar.

Write the Basic Code: You will use Basic programming statements to carry out the actions needed by your program. You will be surprised and pleased by how few statements you need to create powerful Windows program.

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