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The Databound grid control in VB 6.0 adds power and flexibility to your DataBase programs. you can easily provide grid access to any available DataBase.

You can provide simple display only access for used with summary data and on-screen reports.You can also provide editing capability to your dara grid including modifying only, add rights or delete rights.


It's very easy to create a data grid form

A Grid Control-Step-by-Step


STEP 1: Begin a new project and widen the form.You may want to close the Project Explorer an Form Layout windows and float the properties

window to allow room to work on the wide form.


STEP 2:Add a data control along the bottom of the form.Set the control's Name property to datBooks and its DatabaseName property to RnrBooks.mdb.Set the

RescordSource property to Books and verify that the RecordsetType is 1 - Dynaset.


STEP 3:Select project/Components to display the Components dialog box.Then locate Microsoft Data Bound Grid Control 5.0, select it , and close the dialog box.You should see the new tool in the toolbox.


STEP 4:Click on the DBGrid tool and draw a large grid on the form.Then , using the properties window , change the control's Name property to dgbBooks and its DataSource property to datBooks.


STEP 5:Create the menu bar. It should have a File menu with only an Exit command.


STEP 6:Create the large label at the top of the form with the form's title: Book List.Change the font and size to something like.


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