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Visual Project consist of at least two, and usually more, files as follows:

 .vbp file: This file is called the project file, is a small text file that holds the names of the other files in the project, as well as some information about the VB environment.

.frm file: Each of your form in the project is saved in a file with extension. To begin your project your project will have only one form. Later you can expect your projects to have several forms, with one .frm file for each form. A from holds the description of all objects and their properties for each form, as well as the basic code that you have written to respond to the events. These are also referred as form modules.

.bas file: Optionally your project can have this file. These file holds basic statements that can be accessed from any form. As soon as you begin .bas file are called standard code modules.

.ocx file: additional controls, called custom controls, are stored with a file .ocx extension. If you include controls in your projects that are not part of the standard control set, the .ocx file names will be included in the project.

.vbw file: After you save a project, Visual Basic automatically adds one more file to your project with extension of .vbw. This file holds information about each project’s form.


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