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1. When using multiple forms in a project, it is important for you to consider each sub procedure or function procedure that you create. If the procedure will be used in only one form, then it should be included in the code for that form module.


If, in fact, you will need to use the procedure in multiple forms, write the procedure in standard code module.


2. A standard code module is a Visual Basic file with extension .bas, which is added to project. Standard code module do not contain a form, only code .


3. Create a new standard code module by selecting the Add Module command on the project menu. Select module on the new tab of the add module dialog box and click open. A new code window titled module1 opens on the screen. Module is also added to project explorer.


4. Standard code module has a general declarations section and procedure, just like form module. You can declare a variable and procedure as you declare in form module.


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