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#include <Stdio.h>

#include <conio.h>
int main()
   char str[100], substr[100];
   int i=0, j=0, n, m;
   clrscr ();
   printf("\n Enter the main string: ");
   gets (str);
   printf("\n Enter the position from which to start the substring: ");
   scanf ("%d", &m) ;
   printf("\n Enter the length of the substring: ") ;
   scanf ("%d", &n);
   while(str[i] !='\0' &&n>=0)
     substr[j] = str[i];
     j ++;
      substr[j] = '\0';
      printf ("\n The substring is : ");
      puts (str);
    return 0;

extract the substring from a given string

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