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Three positive integer numbers a, band c, such that a<b<c form a Pythagorean triplet if c2= a2 +b2 , i. e,, a, b and c form the sides of a right-angled triangle. To select the values of a and b such that a < b and a, b < max, we can use nested for loops as shown below:

Note the use of typecast in the if statement to test whether c contains an integer value or not and in the printf statement. The complete program is given below.

/* Determine and print Pythagorean triplets */

#include <stdio.h>

#include <math.h>

void main()


        int max;   /* max value of side a or b */

        int a, b;    /* two sides of a triangle */


        printf("Enter max value of sides a, b: ");

        scanf("%d", &max);

        for (a = 1; a <= max; a++)


                  for (b = a; b <= max; b++)


                             float c = sqrt(a *a+ b * b); /*third side*/

                             if (c == (int) c)

                             printf ("%2d %2d %2d\n", a, b, (int) c);





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