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Program provides an illustration of a function with structure as one of its parameter. The function calculates and returns the magnitude of a vector which is an instance of structure defined to hold the three components of a vector as its data members. The structure is declared as below.

struct vector { double x; double y; double z;};

Note that x, y, and z are three components of the vector. The function to return magnitude of vector is defined as given below.

double Magnitude ( struct vector V1 ) II Function head

{double Mag ; II Function body

Mag= sqrt(V1.x * V1.x + V1.y*V1.y + V1.z*V1.z);

return Mag; }

Program demonstrates implementation of the codes described above.

struct vector {double x ; // Declaration of structure
double y ;
double z ;};
double Magnitude ( struct vector V) //definition of function
 double Mag ;
 Mag = sqrt(V.x * V.x + V.y*V.y + V.z*V.z);
 return Mag;
void main()
 struct vector V1 = {4,5,7};
 struct vector V2 = {2.5,6.5,8.5};
 double V1mag, V2mag;
 V1mag =Magnitude (V1);
 V2mag = Magnitude(V2);
 printf("Magnitude of V1 = %f\n", V1mag);
 printf("Magnitude of V2 = %f\n", V2mag);

C Program to Structure as a Parameter of Functions

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