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The local loop is to connect users to the first node, router or switch, the operator with whom the customer has a subscription. Broadband solutions is shared between the ATM for fixed links and Ethernet for wireless backhaul. One of the objectives in the Ethernet local loop is replaced by the ATM Ethernet solutions, particularly in the xDSL modems.

We immediately understand the value of this solution, which provides continuity with the terminal machine which generally has an Ethernet card. The terminal equipment is mostly connected by Ethernet to xDSL modem or broadband cable. Why change technology, that is to say, uncap the IP packet that has been introduced into an Ethernet frame to put in an ATM frame? The simplest solution would have been either to an ATM card directly into the PC or Ethernet modems to use the ATM modem instead.

The EFM working group (Ethernet in the First Mile) proposed for this standard IEEE 802.3ah, which includes three types of topologies and physical media:

• point-to-point twisted pair at a speed of 10 Mbit/s over a distance of 750 m;
• Point-to-point optical fiber at a speed of 1 Gbit/s over a distance of 10 km;
• Point-to-multipoint optical fiber at a speed of 1 Gbit/s over a distance of 10 km.
The standard specifies the administrative and maintenance procedures for the ends and the line itself. These procedures allow to trace faults and monitor the parameters of the link.
VDSL (Very high bit rate DSL), equivalent xDSL modems for high speeds, also supports Ethernet and offers a complete continuity of the high-speed transmitter to the receiver workstation workstation through EFM modems .

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