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URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator that identifies a particular Internet resource. URL help the user to locate web page, gopher service, library catalog and image or text file locations. URLs are the standard addressing system of the www. A complete URL provides the web client with all the information it needs to contact a server and make a request for information. URLs are divided into three basic parts:


a. Protocol (http://) – The information appearing before the colon in any URL indicates the type of information server or protocol. For example http:// indicates that the server to be connected is a www server.

b. Domain name ( – The second piece of information is the address of the server. In this example is the name of the machine at PS Exam in world wide web.

c. Resource name (software.htm) – The third piece of information is the path to the actual document requested. In this example the URL indicates that the document in the system directory and is named software.htm.


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